Rubber Beltings And Hoses

Industrial V Belt

These v-belts come in various types. Each type varies from one another with respect to its dimensions. V-belts are designated as A, B, C, D, SPA, SPB and SPC.

Raw Edge Cogged V Belt

Raw edge V-Belts are also known as Cut edge Belts or simply Cut Belts. As the name signifies, the edges (sidewalls) are cut from sleeves and the sidewalls are not covered ie. they are raw.

Natural Rubber Hoses

As a manufacturer of natural rubber hoses, the greatest benefit of this material are its environmental properties. NR is fully biodegradable and currently accounts for almost 40% of the world’s elastomer consumption.

Flexible Hoses

Multi Ribbed V Belt

Multi ribbed poly-V belts are drive belts with larger contact areas than flat belts. They can transmit more power than a flat belt

E.P.D.M. Radiator Hoses

EPDM tubing has good electrical properties, low temperature flexibility, excellent heat, water and steam resistance.

Silicon Hoses

Silicone hoses, their unique physical and chemical properties, are widely used in many industries such as: pharmaceutical, biotechnological, medical, food, machine-building, construction, power industry and in many other sectors.

Reducer Hoses


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